Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Start time Feb. 7, 2020, 11 p.m.
Tournament type Team Tournament
Current status Finished
Elimination type Single Elimination

Tengils tappra krigare
Golden Elite
Team Lonelies

Ye ol' classic first person shooter. The game that is THE e-sports first person shooter. Time to live through the fantasy of finally winning one of those (small) LAN tournaments! Form a 5 man team (cross campus if you'd like) and compete!

The tournament will be run on our home-grown servers. Thus, you'll have the true LAN experience of blazing fast connection speeds. You cannot blame "lag" anymore for that missed shot. ;)

Standard competitive ruleset is used. Further information about how to connect to the tournament servers will be announced when the tournament starts.

Good luck, and may the best team win!


1:st prize

Five 500 SEK gift cards for Elgiganten provided by Neava Technologies

Organizer and server manager: curious


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